Your best Unique self

Helping you build a Happy Healthy Life you Love to Live

People like us, well… we don’t fit inside a box. My name is Jillian MacDonald and I want to be your personal cheerleader, motivator, and personal trainer.

I was first introduced to fitness in 2012, since then I have lost inches & fat but gained muscle and confidence. Along my journey I realized how passionate I was about fitness & decided I wanted to learn more. I got certified with the Manitoba Fitness Council, specializing in Strength and Resistance training. Upon completion, I decided not only did I want to continue improving my fitness, I wanted to share this experience with others.

I have a gift for making the workouts challenging but also fun. Each program is tailored specifically to the wants and needs of each individual. My passion overflows and spills onto my clients and they too become excited about fitness and about improving their over all wellness in life. I work throughout the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas with groups (special rates), couples, and privately & I would love to work with you too! 

What I Do

I Train You

At Your Place, at your gym, I come to you!

You Become You

You do a lot too. Actually, you do all the work. The role I play in your fitness is secondary to YOU.

I Plan Your Food

If you have trouble staying on track with meals, I help design a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

I Motivate You

I checkup on you, track your progress and kick your butt when you need it. I have music playlists available here to help motivate you when I am not there!

The plans are made to be enjoyable and fun, it's allowed me to have a lifestyle change that I can manage and keep up with. Jillian is upbeat and friendly, but her workouts are challenging and motivating.
I like that when we work together it is 1 to 1, there is no popularity contest. I needed a change in my life and Jillian has helped me rediscover my happiest self, through helping me love myself and my body again.
After I started working with Jillian I noticed other areas of my life improving alongside my healthy new lifestyle. I now feel like I can work harder towards my purpose.