Sherry Cook

Sherry Cook was my first ever client. I first met Sherry in 2016, her and her son Joshua live near Selkirk Manitoba which is a city very close to Winnipeg. I was eager to become a trainer so I saw no problem in making the 1

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Mina’s Mom Bod

My name is Mina and I first met Jillian at Earls when we were working as servers together. At the time I was living a very unhealthy life style. I was eating non-nutritional food every day, I was not exercising and I had no routine

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Matt Morisson: 60 mile Barkeley Race

Matt Morison  was  referred  to me upon needing some  extra resistance and strength training in  preparation for his  upcoming  race,  the Barkeley Marathon. This  marathon  is held in Tennessee and mimics the escape route of a prisoner. This race has over 12 000 feet difference

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