Sherry Cook

Sherry Cook was my first ever client. I first met Sherry in 2016, her and her son Joshua live near Selkirk Manitoba which is a city very close to Winnipeg. I was eager to become a trainer so I saw no problem in making the 1 hour drive out to visit Sherry. Sherry’s goal was to be able to ride a bike. Over the past two years, not only has Sherry crushed this goal, but her and her son Joshua
have developed a healthy workout routine and lifestyle. Joshua joined and participated in our workouts every week. They make quite the team! Their smiles, increased energy, and willingness to crush whatever workouts I threw at them always had me SO excited to see them every week. I am so proud of the progress Sherry has made and can’t wait to see where this newfound strength and confidence takes her and Joshua in the future.

“When I first saw this energetic tiny girl running up my sidewalk I was very doubtful and kind of embarrassed. But we had our talk and I told Jill my goals and signed up anyways. Two years later, I lost 40 inches and 37 lbs of fat. She kicked my butt every time and pushed me to my limits. I loved that everything was tailored for me. Jill is so easy to talk to and I am so happy I got to have that experience with her, she gave me the confidence and knowledge to continue on my own. Thank you very much Jill” – Sherry Cook