Matt Morisson: 60 mile Barkeley Race

Matt Morison  was  referred  to me upon needing some  extra resistance and strength training in  preparation for his  upcoming  race,  the Barkeley Marathon. This  marathon  is held in Tennessee and mimics the escape route of a prisoner. This race has over 12 000 feet difference in elevation and run 60 miles. I designed a 3 month training package for Matt with 4 phases.

PHASE ONE:  (Base)
balance, proprioception, core control, muscle recruitment, introduction to weight training
body weight exercises and single leg exercises

PHASE TWO: (Aerobic Endurance)
add more weight to exercises, work harder, bilateral movements aka barbell squat/ deadlift (higher intensity/ lower reps)

-Power Phase
focus on form and technique, total body movements that are quick and explosive aka jump squats, box jumps, plyometrics, low reps

-Recovery Phase
focus not on improving but maintaining, stretching, foam rolling, mostly bodyweight exercises aka pushups, pullups, squats, lunges etc

Upon finishing his race, I received this message from Matt:
Thanks again for everything this summer – thought I should update you – I finished the damn thing! Usually only about 1/3 of entrants cross the finish line. I just missed out on top 100, came in 104. Way harder than I imagined. I want to go back next year and shoot for top 20!  I ran it in 11 hour and 45 minutes. If it was 50 miles flat I could  bang that out in just over 4 hours. But this course is just so savage in so many ways.  Only got lost twice, some people needed rescue teams to come find them they wandered so far into the bush. First place came in just under 9 hours, which actually seems achievable. Especially if you don’t get lost or slide backwards down some of the cliffs like I did. I probably spent 4 or 5 hours scrambling on all fours. Thank god I trained my upper body! I owe so much of this to you, there is no way I could have done it without your help! Thanks again, I appreciate it big time!” 

Below is a circuit filmed from Matt’s very last workout with me. This was the last “super set” after 3 others similar to it. Repeated 3 times!