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Mina’s Mom Bod

My name is Mina and I first met Jillian at Earls when we were working as servers together. At the time I was living a very unhealthy life style. I was eating non-nutritional food every day, I was not exercising and I had no routine in my day to day life. I did not even realise the effect that the lack of exercise had on my body, my mind and my life. I had a decent figure but I was around 120 pounds and I am just under  5’2 in height with a petit frame. I had a belly, love handles and was soft all over. I had little strength and was straining my back constantly. I had no energy and was feeling depressed. I had tried different work outs in the past, even with fitness trainers but I always found it boring to run on a treadmill and eat celery so I never had any results. (I HATE cardio)

I was first drawn to Jillian by her high energy and positive attitude. I also noticed her fit physique and how tasks that I found physically difficult came easy to her. I learned that she was in fitness training and she invited me to join her at the gym during the weeks so she can teach me her way of life. I’ve always been extremely shy at the gym because I did not know what to do when I was there, so often I only wasted money on gym passes.

She introduced me to different routines that involved weight training with metabolic training incorporated into the work outs. It was so much fun and Jillian was able to keep me motivated the entire time. We would spend about an hour each visit and I would feel amazing by the time that I left. She also showed me the type of food that she ate throughout her day. It was not dieting in any way, shape or form. She ate delicious, filling meals that were also good for you. Finally, a way of eating healthy and exercising that didn’t feel like I was punishing myself. After only three visits I had noticed a drastic change in my body and energy. After about a month, my belly was gone, my body was tight and I had visible muscle on my entire body. I was strong, my back stopped hurting because my core was constantly engaged. After two months I went from 120 pounds to 110 pounds and was going to the gym by myself with the knowledge from Jillian.

After a few months I became pregnant and I am so thankful that I trained with Jillian before then because it aided me throughout my entire pregnancy, child birth and post pregnancy. Having strong abdominals kept my belly in and my posture straight. You could even still see my abs until close to the end of my pregnancy. I kept a healthy life style. I only gained 26 pounds by the time I gave birth and I did not have one stretch mark on my body. When it came time to give birth, I was only in labour for 2 hours. I wasn’t even aware that I was in labour until my water broke and I was already 5 centimeters dilated (half way). My contractions were not nearly as bad as they could have been. When it came time to push which was the hardest part, I couldn’t have done it without having a strong core. I only pushed for 30 minutes and at the end I didn’t need any stiches because I was able to use my strength to fight the urge to push and let my baby come out slowly. My recovery only took two days, by the third day my body looked almost back too normal. In one week my body was back to the exact way it was before getting pregnant. By the time my baby was 4 months old, I had lost an additional 10 pounds and have never looked or felt better. Jillian’s style of training is unique to any other because it is fun, achievable and it gives you results immediately that stay. You won’t want to go back to living any other way.